Myklin Marketing Services


 The customer shall always maintain the right to their privacy. 

 Just because you decide to use our services does not mean we will discuss your business with anyone else.

 This policy is applied to all channels including partner promotions.

We have a limited amount of Stimulus Grant funds that allow you to get our marketing (and some hosting) services for reduced prices.

 Basic Marketing Package

  We can help you decide how successful your new product or services may be. We give you an exhaustive report that details:

  • keywords to use,
  • keywords to avoid,
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) tactics,
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques,
  • Anticipated demand for your product,
  • Identify competition and examine their promotional techniques,
  • Identify social network procedures
 This is a $400 value. If you qualify for our Stimulus Grant Program you can receive a deep discount on our services.Click here for details.

 We use a variety of tools to maximize our client's success. What we have described above only covers the basics.