About Myklin Enterprises, LLC


Our staff experience includes sales of diverse products and services such as:

  • Custom printed t-shirts, mouse pads, ceramic tile, and fingernail decals,
  • Buffalo meat and smoked meats,
  • Hand-made knives,
  • Unique fishing lures.
  • Insurance,
  • Education,
  • Real estate, and
  • Massage therapy.

 Who are we and how did we get here? 

 Started in 2002, Myklin was originally created to sell dye-sublimation products. Unwilling to incur the costs of a brick and mortar operation, the decision was made to sell exclusively via the Internet. With lower costs than many other businesses, Myklin was able to pass along the savings to our customers with low pricing for a variety of custom printed products.

 At the heart of this early success was our ability to create web pages that ranked highly in natural search results for Yahoo, MSN and Google. As we gained skills in Search Engine Optimization techniques other businesses asked us for advice in these necessary techniques. After two years of balancing the needs of our own product lines and those of our clients the decision was made to sell the custom imprinting business.

 Since 2005, Myklin has concentrated on providing consulting services to new businesses and those who need to expand on the Internet. We have expanded our own services to include:
  • web site hosting,
  • Internet consulting,
  • lecture services,
  • electronic publishing,
  • SEO,
  • SEM, and
  • content creation.

 No one involved in this company started their working life here so we bring a wealth of life experiences in a wide range of industries ranging from resort management, manufacturing, restaurant, fast food, engineering, higher education, and sales.